Beautiful Cottages in the Heart of Pembrokeshire


There is evidence of a farmhouse on this site as early as the 17th century. Back then the downstairs of the farmhouse would have been shared between the family and livestock.

How things have changed!

Over the years the farmhouse has gone through some major developments and renovations. Originally the front of the building was covered in Porthclais slate from just down the road. When we acquired the property in 2001 you could still see the remains of this local slate at the gable end of the house. Unfortunately this had to be removed as the slate had become very porous over the years.

While we were renovating the front of the house we also discovered that the slate was covering some beautiful Caerbwdi stone; the same stone that was used to build the Cathedral. For obvious reasons we decided to keep this stone and expose as much of it as much as possible.

The roof timbers in the farmhouse would once have supported a thatched roof. In recent years the thatch has been replaced with local slate.

When you walk around the inside of the holiday cottages you will be able to see lots of unique architectural features which have been retained during the restoration. We have tried to stay faithful to the original architecture as much as possible. Please feel free to let us know what you think.

We have renovated these St Davids Cottages to the highest Standard and they are now 5 Star luxury accommodation in St Davids.